Inspiration to Create

At the starting point of something new we are usually in doubt needing support and encouragement to make the first step forward. Looking back now when we were starting Telegraph, somewhere deep in our hearts we knew the support and encouragement is ahead. That was our belief. Running Telegraph for months now we know for sure – we have never been wrong here.

Your support, encouragement and dedication were simply incredible from the very beginning. You inspired us to work even harder and follow our dream and mission of Telegraph.

Starting from the very beginning and all the way through these months we were trilled to receive your great feedback and see how engaged you can be with the platform. The inspiration and commitment to refine, listen to your suggestions and add new features was unbelievable.


These few months flew super quick for us. This was the most busy, exciting and inspiring part of our lives coming after the first post we made once Telegraph went life on Apple App Store. Each great and encouraging feedback made us feel more committed to the dream and goal we set for us: build platform that people will love to use and which may bring a little bit more kindness to the world.

Seeing our first users to sign-up, update profiles, make connections, communicate and share incredible content was the one unmatched experience we can never forget.

Since the launch of the app, we have introduced quite a few exciting features and although a lot more is coming, the feedback from You already made us feel that we built something impactful and kind, and most importantly, that there are awesome people out there who just love telegraphing.

We worked hard to make Telegraph more fun, more mature and richer for you. We have a long path ahead with you ensuring that the start was really astonishing to us.

One important milestone was introduction of Telegrams on the platform and we are very serious about that. We can’t wait to see the creativity you apply and make incredible each new tool and feature we are adding to the platform. That is simply amazing.

A big THANK YOU for your support and great portion of inspiration and motivation.

Looking forward to continuation of our journey together!

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